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The Right Fit
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You have been tasked to find a pastor who fits the theological commitments and relational values of your church. You want a pastor who commits to a lasting ministry of presence and faithfulness.

We have witnessed the real losses people experience having to replace a pastor who wasn't a good fit or who, after just a few years, could no longer commit. Your assessment of pastoral candidates will be strengthened by the adaptation of our process.

Get help finding the Right Pastor

for Your Church .

The Best Process
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You deserve a pastor who cares about you as much as he cares about the health of the organization. Fear about hiring the wrong pastor is normal. But our research-based approach to finding a pastor can increase your confidence as a member of a pastoral search committee.

We help you improve the accuracy of your search process. Sign-up to receive our free resource, "5 Common Mistakes of Pastor Search Committees."

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