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Assistance for Pastor Search Committees


Your job is to find the right pastor.

My job is to ensure you do.

The process of finding the right pastor for your church will be tumultuous, but it does not have to be traumatic. It will be complex, but it does not have to be complicated.

You have been assigned the responsibility of identifying a minister who fits and commits.

  • Fits – in theology and relational engagement, personality, capacity, and skill.

  • Commits – to you as an individual, to your family, the congregation, and the community in which your church is located.

Can you anticipate resistance in this process? There are already differences of opinion in the congregation. You want a pastor who can bring together different generations without compromising on core values. There is pressure to find the perfect pastor and fear that you won’t be credible enough to present that candidate when the time is right.


​I believe you and your church deserve an excellent pastor. One who can articulate the gospel in ways that are relevant to you and your congregation. A pastor who can bring unity in areas of anxious conflict or disagreement. I am committed to helping you find that pastor.


As the son of a pastor, I know the stresses placed on ministry families. I will help you explore those expectations with candidates. As a seminary graduate, I know the skills necessary to succeed as a minister. I will help you prioritize the capacities your church requires. As a student of church organizations, I understand what makes a congregation unique. I will help you express what is special and unique about your congregation in ways that are understandable to  candidates.

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